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Dr. Antoine Chevalier, Ph.D., H.P., L.M.T., M.P.P. is a functional medicine practitionery and advisor to the Executive Office of the President (19-years) whose research focuses on overcoming brain challenges due to emotional and physical trauma. Those benefiting from Dr. Chevalier’s research include Veterans, athletes of all levels –  including NFL players and MMA fighters – and those managing biological brain effects (autism, depression, and overcoming stressors).

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“How Curing Concussions is Possible”

If you’ve seen the movie “Concussion”, you may be aware of the struggle that involved the discovery of brain trauma caused by concussions. With increased medical awareness, there are ways to treat this serious condition, and quickly, too! Dr. Antoine Chevalier joins Brad Perry to talk about how he is able to cure concussions, quickly and naturally. This great information is a life saver!