Neuroligocial Integrative Therapy

Neurological Integrative Therapy

Dr. Antoine Chevalier collaborates with leading Neurosurgeons in Japan to substantiate the benefits of breakthroughs in functional medicine.

According to Dr. Chevalier, “The success rate is very high and statistically significant in the treatment of the following disorders including but not limited to PTS, drug addiction, post-concussion pain, headaches, chronic pain, weight loss, depression, suicidal ideation and anxiety. Patients have experienced definitive sustainable results with only one treatment. The results show an improvement in cerebral connectivity and plasticity by more than 70%. This is proven using Functional MRI at the Nakano neurosurgery clinic, supervised by two MDs – PhDs who are top neurosurgeons. The more important aspect of the research is that the cerebral improvement is lasting; the patient does not regress to the previous condition.”

A functional medicine practitioner at the White House since 2001, Dr. Antoine Chevalier is in collaboration with two of the top neurosurgical specialist in the world, Dr Atsuhisa Nakano MD, Ph.D. and Dr. Aya Nakano MD. Ph.D

Dr. Atsuhisa Nakano performed more than 5,000 brain surgeries at a 100% success rate, including more than 300 extreme cases without any complications which include more than 32 hours of surgical time per case.

Neurosurgeon Dr. Aya Nakano MD, Ph.D has worked with families suffering with brain tumors, stroke, suicide, depression, developmental disorders, autism, and cancer.

The collaboration’s studies focus on treating patients with concussion, traumatic brain injury (TBI), post-traumatic stress (PTS), and behavior modification.

Dr. Aya Nakano states, “ We are very satisfied with the work that was done at the clinic and the quantitative results that were achieved. We believe that the efficacy that was established will allow this modality to be integrated into protocols used to treat several types of disorders. We will start clinical trials this year.”


Modalities Include:

  • “Neurological Integrative Therapy”

  • “Neurological Stimulation Therapy” using Dolphin Neurostim Devices

  • “Internal Integrative Therapy” – a form of cognitive therapy combined with an advanced form of the Chi Gong healing modality.

Figure 1: Functional MRI data before and after shows an increase of more than 70% in neural plasticity and connectivity. Photo credit: Dr. Antoine Chevalier